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Our Story

Bluegrass Vineyard is a veteran-owned small business near Bowling Green, Kentucky. The vineyard and winery are located off I-65, approximately one mile south of the Smiths Grove exit 38.

Bluegrass Vineyard turns sunshine into wine! Kentucky has a long history of energy production from resources found below the surface. We are continuing that tradition of energy production, but we use energy from the sun. We currently have 38 solar panels which produce enough energy to power our winery and Bed & Breakfast. We hope to expand our solar production in the future.

We began making small batches of wine in 2005. While on active duty in the military, we enjoyed providing physical labor at local vineyards in exchange for knowledge. After living in a dozen other states and several countries, we finally came back to Kentucky and established a small vineyard of our own.

In 2014, Bluegrass Vineyard was established on ten acres of land with 2,000 grape vines. The average grape vine will produce about one bottle of wine, so if a winery has thousands of vines you know they legitimately produce their own fruit instead of trucking in their juice. Our vineyard sits atop Mammoth Cave, and the limestone soil makes for great wine production. Because of the rocky soil, our vines are forced to send their roots down into the cave system in search of water and nutrients. Just like our children, when they are forced to work harder, they produce a better product. The red grape varieties we currently offer include Cabernet Franc, Norton, Chambourcin, Concord, Villard Noir, and Noiret. White grape varieties we offer include Traminette, Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, Melody, and Vignoles.

Today, Bluegrass Vineyard has grown to 30 acres of land with 2,500 grape vines and counting. Bluegrass Vineyard offers a winery that sits atop Mammoth Cave and overlooks rolling hills. Adjacent to the winery is a Bed and Breakfast which can be reserved here

Meet the Makers
We are Drew and Jessica Rogers.  We are the first generation owners of our family business, Bluegrass Vineyard!  We are originally from Indianapolis, IN and after many relocations with the Army, we have settled in Smiths Grove, KY and have started our winery in the lovely rolling hills of Kentucky.  We have four grape pickers.... er children... who keep us busy!  They are quite involved in the wine-making process too, from picking grapes during harvest to placing seals on the bottles during bottling, every hand helps!  Drew is the master wine maker, but can't be found without Jessica, his "better half", to make sure that the wine tastes just right before bottling.  We are both very involved in every aspect of the winery from production to sales and everything in between.

People often ask us how we became vintners (winemakers).  Well, it all started off as a hobby when we were newlyweds, about 12 years ago.  We have always appreciated wine, probably starting when Drew was a foreign exchange student in southern France.  Drew always impressed Jessica by teaching her about wine when we were dating.  We started making kit wines and small batches of back-yard wine!  As we toured other small wineries, we started to think (and someone actually said out loud one day) "Hey, we could start a winery!" The other person was crazy enough to say "Okay!"  Fast forward to a few classes through UC Davis, lots of trial and error, four kids, and lots of hard work later, and here we are with a growing, bustling winery!  
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